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As seen on TV Butterball Turkey Fryer

Your Indoor Wonder Buddy: The As Seen On TV Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer


We’re asking ourselves if the As Seen on TV Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey fryer can be a healthier alternative to past options.  Experts say that we are what we eat. Now we can really prove this saying as true by just looking at the tummies that bulge and soon-to-be oily faces in an hour after the wee hours of the morning. Not all these may be seen in everyone, but if only there is a tool that we can blame – it would be the old fryer in our kitchens.


The usual fryers would let us feel how it can be located in the scorching heat of the sun and the others would even aid in burning our own meals for dinner. Alongside these would be about the cost that frying entails our pockets. Have you ever thought of how much you have already spent for cooking oil, when all you really wanted was to live healthily and at glow? What about the rainy season which may limit your chances of using your outdoor fryer? This does not necessarily have to be the case.


Never run out through the rain again while frying turkey on a Thanksgiving night. With the As Seen On TV Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, frying turkey can be done conveniently inside your kitchen (CSA-approved) – and take note, you’ll get to save lots of space (at approx 16” x 14” x 14”) and even one-third oil. Think about major diet and home improvement!


The As Seen On TV Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey fryer isn’t just your ordinary fryer, mind you, for with the promotion of healthy living, alongside the modernity that brings us everything instant, you will not have to worry that everything you feed your family is trash.


Thinking of frying, steaming, or boiling? The As Seen On TV Butterball Indoor Electric Fryer  makes these cooking procedures all the more exciting and satisfying as you won’t have to purchase separate appliances just to do all these three. Yes, all built in to serve you at the best of its abilities, you do not have to boil potatoes at the left-most range, fry chicken at the right, and steam some Spring Rolls at the other range. All these and more can be provided by this indoor wonder buddy.


Through this sturdy stainless steel beauty, cooking with the As Seen On TV Butterball Indoor Electric Fryer will definitely be no-grease too. Take advantage of the As Seen On TV Butterball electric fryer’s digital timer and adjustable thermostat to avoid over-cooking or over-heating your 14-pound turkey in less than an hour. Just imagine having to take off guesswork along your cooking stint. You will see a green light glowing when the temperature for frying is already right, and once your food is already cooked, the timer will signal that you’re all set. You can likewise adjust the thermostat up to 375 degrees to take control of your dish. Unlike the old fryers out there, you can certainly fry a whole chicken at only 15 minutes. Think about saving time, money, energy, and patience!


Likewise, you won’t be caught flat-footed by handling the As Seen On TV Butterball Indoor Electric Fryer using the hinged lid, all propped up with a built-in window and filter to let you check on what you are cooking as well as to reduce the odors produced through cooking. The inner pot coated with porcelain also allows a less messy feat, provided with a drain valve to easily clean out the contents of your fryer.


Using the specially made cooking basket, matched with a drain clip to keep things handy, you can now fry your most loved delicacies: doughnuts, French fries, fritters, onion rings, hushpuppies, cheese sticks, whatever you want the As Seen On TV Butterball Indoor Electric Fryer.


See, the As Seen On TV Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer may just be the answer to your long dreamed of device. Never have to spend your day cooking, cleaning, and running to and fro your yard to the kitchen – for with this kitchen buddy, everything is possible.


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